The Simple Vet Solutions Advantage

Simple Vet Solutions has one goal: simplify regulatory compliance. The FDA regualtions aren't complicated, and managing them shouldn't be either. Simple Vet Solutions assures regulatory compliance and record security without disrupting your workflow. Empowering the Vet-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR), Simple Vet Solutions gives you the ultimate control over animal health recordkeeping.

Electronic Veterinary Records

Working with any vet, distributor, or company, we ensure complete regulatory compliance with the FDA. Our electronic veterinary feed directives (eVFDs) and veterinary prescriptions are signed and encrypted using cutting-edge virtual document security.

Cloud Storage and Audit Services

With new regulations, audits are only a short time away. SVS provides FDA-compliant cloud storage of all records, and will even handle audit compliance for you. Quickly generate any documentation required by federal or private auditors We guarantee your records will never be corrupted or lost.

Workflow Integration

Regulatory changes shouldn't interrupt your workflow. The Simple Vet Solutions private API allows integration into your current enterprise application software. Our IT experts can work with you to build a platform around your specific needs, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Competitive Advantages

Simple Vet Solutions prides itself on not only being the easiest to use software, but also having the most advanced technology of any veterinary software provider.

Blockchain Encrypted Documents

Mobile-Friendly and Intuitive Interfaces

Secure Integration and Record Storage

See What Our Customer Are Saying?

"SimpleVFD is the only software out there with consistent customer support!"

Commercial Layer Vet - Pennsylvania, USA

"SimpleVFD has the best technology. Not only is it easy to use, but it's far more secure than their competitors."

Feed Mill Operator - Mississippi, USA

"Allows me to write and create VFDs from my iPhone anywhere I have cell signal."

Independent Consulting Vet, USA

"Batching function allows me to write VFDs for the entire complex at one time... Awesome time saver."

Southeastern Broiler Vet, USA

Our Pricing

Simple Vet Solutions offers unique service strategies for livestock producers, veterinarians, or feed mill operators.
Regardless of size, scope, or strategy, we can fulfill your electronic record management needs.


One operation or many, SVS eases compliance with federally mandated feed directive tracking.


Easily and quickly maintain all of your clients' electronic records with assurance of legal compliance.

Feed Distributors

SVS maintains a historical database of all records, simplifying your workflow and cutting costs.