About Simple Vet Solutions

Our Vision

Simple Vet Solutions (SVS) is a business-to-business, software-as-a-service company providing a platform to ensure regulatory compliance in agriculture records. Officially incorporated in February 2017, our platform was engineered from the ground up for regulatory compliance. The new FDA regulations on the use of antibiotics was only the beginning for SVS, as we quickly realized that comprehensive attention to regulatory requirements necessitated more than just providing document tracking services.

The SVS team sees the need for more accountability in the use of animal medication as a core value, especially as the agriculture industry continues to support a growing population. Ultimately, SVS aims to improve the collaboration between the private sector and governing agencies to ensure maximum productivity while ensuring ethical conduct.

Bert Payne, DVM, MAM
President and Chief Executive Officer

Bert Payne, DVM, is an animal agriculture industry veteran with over 30 years of experience and brings expertise in sales and customer relations. SVS was born from his observation that veterinarians need better tools.

Will Payne, MS
Chief Technology Officer

William Payne, MS brings over a decade of experience in software engineering and systems administration to the SVS team, and built the entire SVS infrastructure from scratch.

Will Frei, CPA
Support Specialist

Will Frei is all about bringing his accounting expertise to the SVS team, leading the way for our audit products.

Tim Bielecki, Ph. D.
Account Manager

A cancer biologist by training, Tim brings his passion for entrepreneurship and innovation to SVS.