The Simple Vet Solutions Commitment to Security

We take security very seriously. That's why we're committed to being the most secure record management platform. We spared no expense in identifying cutting-edge technologies to lead the way in securing the agriculture industry. We believe that agriculture deserves just as much attention to best practices and software design as finance, technology, or any other industry.

Why Blockchain?

Before blockchain became the biggest new buzzword, the SVS team found blockchain to be an ideal solution for managing records in a more secure and auditable way than ever before. We're not using blockchain to catch the attention of investors, but rather as a tool to provide the best service possible to our clients.

SSL Encryption

We take your web security seriously. All of our web pages are encrypted end-to-end with verified certificates, ensuring the pages you vist are from our servers. You can rest assured when entering your information, knowning that your information is protected and won't be taken by hackers.

Traffic between your systems and our through our secure API is also encrypted. No automated traffic can be hijacked, so the use of our integration services is just as secure as interacting with our services manually.

Redundant Backups

Your data is important, and should never be lost. We are committed to esnuring multiple backups are taken every day, guaranteeing that your data will never be lost or corrupted. Our automated backup services ensure that no veterinary records can be falsified or edited after creation.

You data is securely accessible instantly from anywhere in the world. Simple Vet Solutions maintains backup servers in multiple data centers on different networks, to be sure that even if a large part of the Internet goes down, you will always have access to your records.

Case Histories

We do more than just encrypt feed directives and prescriptions. The case history of each farm, animal, or premise is securely stored in our databases and on our blockchain, keeping extensive records that can never be falsified.

Auditors can have access to any records they need, all at the discretion of your company. Our extensive Case History feature allows you to keep track of all kinds of information, while preparing reports with only the data you specify for your audit compliance needs.

Personal Verification

Your company structure may be complex, but managing your users doesn't have to be. Simple Vet Solutions has built in features to manage and restrict user access, so regardless of the size of your company, you can quickly and efficiently manage user access rights.

Every action your perform in our systems is recorded with your identity. Your identity becomes your key to unlock the potential of SVS services; each case history or veterinary record is traceable down to the very last detail.